Registration Information

The school is open to qualified and motivated candidates.  Advanced Bachelor, Master and PhD students, post-docs, young researchers, and interested professionals are encouraged to submit their application through the application page. Please provide a motivation to attend the event and also list your experience in the area of IT security and economics.

We expect that the participants have some knowledge of information security as well as economics and business administration. We encourage both Computer Science and Social Sciences students to participate as we focus on an interdisciplinary and practical approach which should offer new insights for all participants.

Please apply via our registration page by using the Application page until June 16th, 2017 at latest. We process applications after a peer review process and provide feedback on your application within one week after the deadline. Given that we have a limited number of seats available, only a selected number of applicants will be allowed to participate at the school.

*** we still accept applications for our waiting list! ***


Note that the registration fee for the event is free for enrolled students. Daily refreshments and social events are provided. For industry attendees, the registration fee is 500 Euro.